Bullnet Gestion is specialized in technology projects and currently manages three venture funds: Bullnet Capital I, Bullnet Capital II and Bullnet Capital III.Imagen Flecha
Bullnet Gestión is a Spanish independent venture capital firm, founded by Javier Ulecia and Miguel del Cañizo.Imagen Flecha
Bullnet Capital I was launched in 2002 with a capital commitment of € 18 million. The fund is fully invested.Imagen Flecha
Bullnet Capital II is operational from October 2007 and targets commitments of € 30 million.Imagen Flecha
Bullnet Capital III has been launched in December 2015, with an intended fund size of € 50 million.Imagen Flecha

First fund main investors were promoter Bruno Entrecanales and the European Investment Fund, the EU specialized vehicle providing venture capital and guarantee instruments for SMEs.

Both investors have continued supporting Bullnet Capital II, EIF doing that now through Neotec Capital Riesgo, Fund of Funds launched by the Centre for Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI: Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial), a Public Business Entity of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and coordinated by the EIF.

Bullnet Gestion is structured under the Spanish law of "Sociedades Gestoras de Entidades de Capital Riesgo". All Bullnet Gestión and Bullnet Capital funds are supervised by the CNMV (Spanish SEC).